10 Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Ideas

If your nonprofit team is social media savvy (and we hope they are!), run a social media campaign appealing to the high schoolers and college students. If your nonprofit is a school, a university, or somehow affiliated to an educational institution – that shouldn’t be hard. fundraiser ideas for nonprofits tasting event is a great alternative to a wine tasting event – if you’re looking to switch it up a bit.
The students were highly motivated by your prize offerings. Give your middle school students a new and exciting incentive. You can choose a single program to allocate ticket and participation revenue to or disburse the entry fee funds evenly between all Greek life organizations involved.
All you need to get started are some envelopes and a bulletin board. Charge admission to attend and place a donation jar in a visible location so participants can give more. Don’t forget to spread the word about your class on social media and via email. Gather all the items around your home that you no longer want, and ask your friends and family members to donate items to your garage sale. Take the time to plan your community potluck event, promote it to your community, and find the right event space.
The 4 colors to choose from are RED, BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE. The scratch card fundraising program is also great for High School Football Fundraisers. Choose a pleasant locale, get any necessary permits, ask local establishments to donate food and drinks, and then charge families an entrance free. To ramp up the fundraising even more, consider hosting a raffle at the picnic. The popularity of good old-fashioned spelling bees seems to know no bounds.
Approach the supermarkets well in advance to ensure success. Think of an alluring prize — one that will appeal to your target audience. Consider charging $3 per entry if participants are bringing their own bauble from home or $6 if you’re going to provide the bauble.
You can invite the local media to your school when the new building construction is finished and explain how students contributed to its design. If you are constructing a new building on school property, generate funds to help pay for the project by charging parents to engrave a brick that will become part of the structure. Engraved bricks can include the name of a student at the school and a brief message. In years to come, future students will learn about the children who attended your school during a particular building’s construction.
Consider pairing this with your car wash fundraiser for boosted revenue at a single event. You’ll already be soapy and community members can get their cars and dogs washed simultaneously. Encourage your team’s youth athletes to flex their humble muscles by writing fundraising letters to your local community. Youth sports are a cherished time for kids and parents alike. Whether that first t-ball team, flag football game, or local sports tournament— like many other children’s activities, parents want to document each and every moment of it. Charge a fee to audition or participate, and sell tickets to parents and family members to watch the show.
Let your students show off their talents by throwing a talent show. Host an evening at the school and charge an entry fee of 5-10$. Encourage your students to get out in the community and get some exercise at the same time. Students can ask supporters to sponsor them based on the distance of the walk. Organizing a school fundraiser around physical activity is one of the best things to do for your… In terms of profits, car wash donations are typically given in cash, so make sure you have a secure system for collecting donations and a change bag if you’re charging a set amount.
Find someone who can teach the class (ideally a congregation member willing to donate their time and skills). Charge a flat rate that includes supplies for the attendees. To maximize your chances of success, use a professional auctioneer who specializes in fundraising auctions. An experienced fundraising auctioneer can more than double, even triple the funds raised. To turn this into an online fundraiser, try using the Facebook tagging functionality. For example, you could have your donors tag 10 of their friends and ask them to donate too, visibly demanding their attention.