Online Auction Fundraising Software Mobile & Silent Bidding Platform

Participants will register, make bids, and pay for items all through the auction site. Organizations are still responsible for soliciting the items, taking pictures of the items to display, and setting starting bid amounts. Full bid reporting for all of your auction items available at all times through the silent auction reporting page. Monitor all aspects of your auction, add and subtract bids and view winning bidders. WeDo Charity Auctions takes your auction to the next level with the ability to host pre-bidding before your event and create and manage guest lists.
If your question isn’t listed, visit the Charitybuzz FAQs or email us at Learning how to do an online auction isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Many of the same details you have to focus on when setting up an in-person auction are the same for online auctions, and free online tools like Jotform make it easy to collect and display bids.
On top of that, the auction creator will also be able to get more people attracted to the auction when there is a longer bidding window. The best thing is that online auctions soon became extremely popular in the market due to various reasons. As the pandemic struck, everything had to be shifted from offline to online. This was the biggest reason why people considered online auctions as the right way to keep it going for buyers and sellers.
Items flagged ONLINE ONLY – are not on display at The Public Theatre. Bids may be placed online, or you may contact us as described above to place an “Absentee” bid. In order to connect you with our tournament specialist for your region, please tell us where your event is taking place. Donations, gift certificates and goods are still being accepted. Please contact our Silent Auction booth chairs at if you are interested in making a donation.
Auction software and mobile bidding offer effective opportunities to drive more fundraising revenue for your event. You can host an engaging in-person live auction or bring your silent auction to wider audiences in a virtual or hybrid format. You can also run a direct appeal or paddle raise to funnel donations to a specific program. From end-to-end event management to mobile bidding, there are many silent auctioneer software that you can choose from. It is always a good option to use an auction theme to streamline your auction operations. Donors who are not tech-savvy are going to enjoy the convenience of the service.
Along with that, you can easily track, market, and invoice the customers involved in the auctions. The auction process is pretty significant because it has kept on evolving with time. It is definitely the best way for open price discovery of various items. You might be thinking about what things can be put up for auction. The entire auction procedure will depend a lot on the action type. It will also comprise various steps for inviting, receiving, evaluating, and accepting the bids.
Explore the below tips and tricks to put on the best charity auction you can. Keep up on items you’ve bid on, shine a light on underappreciated items with no bids, and search for words or specific donors. BidHub was designed for HubSpot’s charity auction, and we’re hoping you’ll use it for yours too! Create good items for silent auction with photos and descriptions of each item and promote the items on your website and on your social media. If this isn’t your first silent auction ever, take a moment to review your past silent auctions and their performance. Depending on the restrictions where you live, restaurants might be open in some capacity.
This software makes item procurement and tracking simpler than ever with its item and package management tools. This affordable option offers full-service software to help groups get started with auction fundraising. Other pricing options are available for groups looking to scale up their auction events. The mobile app is designed for bidding in both long running online auctions and in-person events. Users receive pop-up notifications when they are out bid encouraging then to bid again and help your auction soar. ReadySetAuction is a flexible provider that works for all nonprofits, from schools to humanitarian organizations to workplace giving campaigns.
Then, use these insights to keep attracting, retaining, and growing support. Auction software is a type of program that allows users to create and manage an auction. It is usually used to facilitate online auctions and can be hosted on either a website or via an application. It allows users to bid on items, view current listings, pay for items, leave feedback and track transactions. In-person silent auctions showcase items around a room with attractive descriptions and dedicated opening bids.