Seborrheic Dermatitis: What Is It, Diagnosis & Treatment

Blu Atlas came onto the scene in early 2022, and since then, no one has been able to stop talking about them. It’s no wonder that they quickly became world leaders in the world of personal care, given their strong attention to detail and expertly crafted products. The exact cause of seborrheic dermatitis is unknown but is thought to be a combination of hormonal changes, infection, and inflammation. I used this after developing really dry scalp following cortisone shots for my spine. It brought so much relief and even though everything has cleared, I continue to use it.
These include hydrocortisone, fluocinolone , clobetasol and desonide . If used for many weeks or months without a break, they can cause side effects. These include loss of skin color, thinning skin, and skin showing streaks or lines. Antifungal gels, creams, lotions, foams or shampoos alternated with another medication. Your health care provider might suggest you try a product with 2% ketoconazole or 1% ciclopirox . Ketoconzole can worsen the dryness of tightly coiled or chemically treated hair and increase the risk of breakage.
Some consumers experience drying of the skin when they first use this shampoo, so it’s best to start with one use to see how your skin reacts, then gradually add this to your daily routine. Some people are allergic to zinc pyrithione, so check in with your doctor before starting to use this soap. If you’re more prone to sensitive skin, they also have a 1% zinc option to try out too. After watching countless sufferers of skin conditions struggle to find products that were successful for them, we decided to do something about it.
Once your dermatologist diagnoses you, they can talk with you about treatment. Find a Dermatologist You can search by location, condition, and procedure to find the dermatologist that’s right for you. If you have what feels like razor bumps or acne on the back of your neck or scalp, you may have acne keloidalis nuchae.
It is not uncommon to lose some self-confidence when experiencing seborrheic dermatitis. Of course, appearance plays a large role in how we see ourselves, and it can be particularly hard if dermatitis is localized on your face. This means that alongside starting a treatment routine, it’s important to look out for yourself in other ways too.
Shampoo with it twice a week or as directed on the label of the product. For long-term control, your healthcare provider may prescribe antifungal shampoos that contain ciclopirax (Loprox®) or ketoconazole (Nizoral®). These shampoos are used from daily to two or three times a week for several weeks until the dandruff has cleared, then once every week to two weeks to prevent flare-ups. healthy scalp shampoo will give you specific directions for use.
In addition to contributing to the Health Reference and Kitchen verticals at Insider, she has also written for Healthline, Health magazine, Bustle, StyleCaster, PopSugar, AskMen, and Elite Daily. Dermatologists also recommend avoiding shampoos with parabens, sulfates, dyes, and added fragrance. This article was medically reviewed byDebra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with a private practice in New York City. Our charity is dedicated to making life better for people with eczema and their families. To obtain the information on this page in a PDF format, please download our Seborrhoeic dermatitis in adults factsheet, below. The diagnosis is made from the history and appearance of the skin in the affected area.
Chronic treatment with topical corticosteroids may lead to permanent skin changes, such as atrophy and telangiectasia. The explosive onset of seborrheic dermatitis in a young patient should give rise to consideration of underlying human immunodeficiency virus infection. One should consider referral to a dermatologist for patients with severe seborrhea in whom treatment with oral isotretinoin is contemplated, particularly if long-term therapy will likely be required.