Top Church Fundraising Ideas to Empower Your Ministry church fundraisers ideas

Your church is a pillar of the community, working to uplift the lives of residents, support humanitarian aid, and administer critical social and religious services. Of course, to keep up all of these different responsibilities, your church needs funding, which many ministries struggle to raise.

Fortunately, fundraising doesn’t have to be a stumbling block for your church! While it may sound like a painful hurdle, raising money can be made both fun and easy as long as you employ engaging, profitable, and impactful fundraising ideas along the way. church fundraisers ideas

To pave the way for your church’s future fundraising success, we will equip you with the information you need to host an effective church-oriented fundraiser guaranteed to raise more support for your ministry. We’ll explore the following categories:

  • Our Favorite Church Fundraising Ideas
  • Easy Church Fundraisers for Small Ministries
  • Effective Church Fundraisers for Any Ministry

With so many impactful church fundraisers in hand, a lack of funds should never again be why your church gets held back from doing its essential work. Let’s dive in with two of our favorite fundraising initiatives.

Crowdfunding for Churches

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular and effective ways churches can raise funds for outreach programs, events, service projects, and mission trips. Crowdfunding campaigns capitalize on the social connections of your congregation.

Essentially, your church will use a crowdfunding platform to organize a donation page, set a deadline, and a financial goal. Then your congregation members will donate and recruit friends, family, and social media followers to chip in and support your church. Congregants can share your church’s mission, post updates on your work in the community, and accept donations on your behalf to boost your church’s fundraising capacity.

Of course, to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is successful, you will need to leverage a digital crowdfunding tool or an online fundraising platform. Our top choices for churches include:

Church t-shirt fundraising ideas are greatly aided by a service like Bonfire!

Bonfire. Selling custom t-shirts is a great way to encourage more supporters to participate in your campaign. With Bonfire, you can design the perfect custom t-shirt for your congregants to purchase, recruit your congregation members to promote the campaign, and raise money for mission trips and other projects. With this crowdfunding technique, your church members can promote and sell your t-shirts and collect 100% of the profits.

Check out Fundly for your during your next church fundraising idea!

Fundly. Fundly’s crowdfunding services put social sharing at the forefront. Your congregation members are passionate about the good work that your church does through its programming—so why not let them take the reins and share their passion for your church with their friends? With specialized social networking capabilities, Fundly is the best choice for traditional crowdfunding.

Funded by Faith. Funded by Faith believes in completely transparent crowdfunding campaigns. They support the idea that in order to raise money for your church you should show your followers exactly what that money will be used for. Funded by Faith is the perfect choice for nonprofit churches with an interest in fundraising.

Donation eCards

The online space is shaking up the way churches spread the word of God. Online charity greeting cards may be just what you need to foster a welcoming community while also raising some extra money to fund your growth.

Backed by an online eCard platform, design eCards to:

  • Celebrate holidays or birthdays
  • Express condolences when someone loses a loved one
  • Say thanks to someone

Then, your congregants can purchase eCards throughout the year to send to their friends and families. Whether you’re launching a Christmas fundraiser or want to raise money throughout the year, online greeting cards are great year-round.

If you want to expand beyond fundraising, you can even use it to design online invitations congregants can send to loved ones. This is a fantastic way to expand your church community.

To tap into this church fundraising opportunity, you need the right eCard creation software. Your platform should allow you to design cards that match your church’s branding. Make sure you can upload your logo or other custom images too. Once you’ve perfected your designs, your platforms should enable you to add them directly to your church’s website and start selling them.

eCardWidget. From user-friendly design tools to an embeddable widget, eCardWidget offers everything you need to launch fundraising greeting cards for your church. Their integrated fundraising capabilities make raising money via eCards incredibly easy. Either launch your designs with a template or start from scratch with your own images. You can create designs for Easter, Christmas, or any holiday throughout the year with ease!